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Bill C- 16 has incorporated gender identity/expression into Canadian Human Rights Law, and in the the Criminal Code of Canada.  The rippling effect is being felt in schools, universities, health care system, the law and journalism where questioning or challenging this law now would be seen as bigoted.  What does this mean for free speech, more importantly, as famously pointed out by Dr. Jordan Peterson for compelled speech. What punitive measures would the law now impose on those who violate this law? Till date, there exists no scientific data/evidence on gender - fluidity, non-binary identities, and the idea that gender/sex/biology vary independently(exception intersex). Yes, we have instantiated this new reality into Canadian Law. We will discuss all these issues, and more, in a spirited discussion. 
Dr. Debra Soh: Neuroscientist and columnist

Jared Brown: Attorney, testified alongside Dr. Jordan Peterson in Ottawa at the Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs.  

Barbara Kay: Well known journalist and author. 

Lindsay Shepherd: Wilfrid Laurier Teaching Assistant, President of the Laurier Society for Open Inquiry. 


Sarina Singh: political and social commentator, Sarina organized the largest discussion on free speech in Canada On November 11th, 2017.



Toronto, Canada


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